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who am i


who am i

Directors and Spokespersons trainer. Presidential candidates tutor. Yago de Marta trains people in Europe, America, Africa, and Middle East. Today we have so little time and our inboxes are so packed that, as leaders, we fail in keeping track and taking the next step. Take a closer look at Yago de Marta’s experience and you will understand why he’s a leading trainer of Businessmen and grate Politicians and in what ways he can give your company that unique turn. Yago de Marta is the consultant with which directors of companies all around the world have captivated their audiences with speech and by closing huge deals. He’s built the projection of politicians from 3 different continents, who have won the mind of their electors. From the first day of his personal development, Yago’s purpose was to transform great people into great leaders. This ideal is still kept today and makes improvements possible and much faster with each training session. Yago has the obsession of simplifying communication to the point of breaking all the obstacles that might get in the way between his speech and his audience. This makes it easy to obtain better results.

“Yago de Marta is simply the best media trainer I’ve ever witnessed” Mark McKinnon (USA) advisor to Bush, John McCain and Bono

Yago de Marta trains employing the following languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and French.

His trainings, seminaries and conferences take place in: Qatar, United States, Brasil, Angola, Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico, Chile, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Peru, Honduras, Salvador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Andorra, Paraguay, Spain and England for over the past 17 years.

Ex-trainer for the debate teams of the Universidad de Zaragoza, Pablo Olavide, Cordoba, Sevilla, Diego Portales (Chile), Uniminuto (Colombia, Cide (Mexico) and Interamericana (Puerto Rico).

He’s been a guest profesor at: Instituto de Empresa, Universidad de Navarra, ITAM, Universidad Panamericana and Universidad Pontifica de Salamanca, among others. Yago de Marta has been champion and sub-champion on several occasions of national and international championships of debate.

If you are Reading this, it’s because you are in the right place. Our experience is our brand.

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