Nowadays society expects their political leaders and corporate directors to be empathic with them. They expect their disquietudes to be replied to. They want to listen to a real and near to heart story.

As a leader your performance must adapt to their benefit. Yago’s role is to help them achieve this. At any intervention his words can be used in favor or against him, this is why he must be master over these communication skills that very few possess.

Training with Yago de Marta is a very exclusive service that very few have Access to.

What for many is impossible, Yago de Marta makes possible. These trainings are the preparation for the construction of bridges between your presentation and your audience. You can ask to be applauded but never to be remembered. With our trainings, you will be clear, credible and memorable.

Welcome to this new age of leadership


Yago de Marta dedicates his life to helping personalities across the world, and their staff, so that they may standout at their public interventions by means of the most advanced trainings.

Our intensive training sessions have a sole purpose: To help you lead, through your words, in complex political and corporate environments.

Yago de Marta works with customers in America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. As much in the corporate sectors as in the political ones, he helps them in acknowledging and developing their strengths to better their speech and presentations and to increase their impact on society.

For this reason we use the best techniques, developed by his media training team, Oratory and non-verbal communication. Personalities that train with Yago gain the necessary skills to achieve their goals and feel self-assured during their interventions.


. Trainings are 100% practical and real.

There is a harmonization in each of the traning programs, for they are designed to obtain the greatest improvement possible, at the least time and the in the most lasting of fashions. All this is built around each customer.

They are developed according to the context and the needs of the Speaker.

Our tradition is centered on the client and his context. These are exclusive trainings. No two trainings are ever the same.

The achievement is to create value for the institution you are representing at each intervention. That the attributes and corporate values take a part in the communication and interviews. Trainings with Yago de Marta provide the customer with the tools and resources to be always focused on your goals in public appearances. It grants control as to the influence of the context.

The work plan is designed for each client, with a standard for excellence and personalization. Yago respects and reinforces the individual features of each personality with which he works.

For each client we offer the most adequate training available in the market. Yago’s consulting work reinvents the methods for reaching goals and keeps results in check all the time.


A client’s identity is to remain confidential.

A reduced group of select people a year undergo personal training with Yago de Marta. This integrates them into a select group of people that will move the masses through their gestures and words.

Contact us so that we may follow up on your projects and in this way send you more information on the topic.