The audience is not aware of your status as a leader. Their intuitive brains only tell them so at the moment you break words to them. They only decide then and there if you are sympathetic or antipathetic, if you are a good or a bad person, if you can benefit them in any way or not. In how you speak, will depend the general idea others will create of you, of their organization, of their party.

In other words, if you would like to be seen as a great leader, the ability in need of perfection is public speech.

“Your career will be determined by how well you speak and by the clarity of your ideas.” Patrick H. Winston

Yago de Marta trains directors and politicians, “one on one”, to be great leaders. The making of a great leader must not only obey to its own needs. Discourses must answer to the expectations and needs of their audiences.

For this reason, we develop the most advanced techniques and the most exclusive sessions for every particular client. When you train with us, you are perceived as a transforming leader.

An understanding, Trust-worthy and Memorable leader.

We help our clients make lasting improvements in their performance, achieve their most immediate and important goals. For more than 17 years we have built for ourselves the necessary experience and a unique reputation for this task.

Yago tags along with the leaders, so that wherever they may be, and each time they are faced with a public or a camera, they may have utter success. He improves the communication and leadership skills of his clients in order that they become beacons for their nations and markets.

Have you ever thought of elaborating a shocking speech? Make your way through all those boring orators that only yell. I dare you to become a memorable Orator! I dare you to join our exclusive community of clients!

You will be able to achieve a whole new level of projection in front of audiences, by means of our consultant service, where our team will provide timely follow-up to your development in front of audiences and the media.

In order to improve your ability to speak in public and also, depending on your needs, you may hire a clinic. A training group where results are obtained by means of 100% practical exercises and with a “one on one” evaluation.

If what you want is an individual approach and the fastest improvement possible, we recommend you hire a full training. We will help you overcome complex environments with a personalized practical plan, this is tailor made according to the individual customer. There are never two people who are the same.