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“I met Yago de Marta due to professional cause at a clinic that evolved my power of communication. Destiny had us get together once more for a solidary and social Project at Asociación Aragonesa Pro Salud Mental (ASAPME), in which Yago contributed with his great aptitude for the personal training in oratory to people with special needs. He managed to connect with these wonderful people, who by cause of their impairment have been stigmatized; he provided them with acknowledgement of their own abilities to speak in public. Thanks to his experience, and above all his humane values, he established a trustworthy link, and trained a group of students with mental disease, and provided them with courage to face the microphone.” Ana López Trenco, Director of ASAPME (Asociación Aragonesa Pro Salud Mental)

For more than 17 years of close work with the most diverse of personalities, one of the things that caught my attention is what is said during each training, by the people with the most complex lives.

“I came here without really knowing why I had come. I thought that he would impart theories and maybe later we would do something together on the board and that I wouldn’t learn much. But, you know what? Besides becoming a better spokesperson, now I have more appreciation for my own person”

“You somehow got my nerves when speaking in public to disappear, but the most important thing is that now I have a better relationship with my colleagues and with my family.”

People with a serious auditory deficiency, in wheelchairs, with severed members, with full intellectual inability, from highly depressed sectors in Europe and Latin America. People with a psychotic profile, young students with insertion difficulty… All have gone through special workshops that have been delivered by Yago de Marta, so that they too may have access to the tools that those who lead them employ. So that they might have a bearable social and work-wise integration.

It is with this aim that we receive proposals coming from different Foundations and Associations from all over the world.

Our goal is to help those with difficulty in the act of insertion around the world, to be able to better communicate, so that they may find their opportunities in life.

People we are currently working with:

  • Fundación Cable and Wireless (Panama)
  • Fundación El Universal (México)
  • ASAPME (Spain)
  • Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla “BUAP” (México)

If you represent a foundation that tends to people with insertion troubles and believe that quick improvement in their oratory skill and self-assurance will help the general goals, please contact us immediately.

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