For business men and directors around the world, presenting skills are more important than ever. Mastery in the art of communication will define the measure of success or failure of their business.

Yago de Marta has been honing his skills in persuasive personal communication for more than 17 years. During this time, our clients have learned that the greater presenters are those who fully draw the attention of their audience with heart and mind.

Whether you find yourself presenting to a single person or in front of a group of people, we are all salesmen. Your performance will directly affect the positive or negative perception of the product being offered, this includes the service or idea you wish to sell. You can inspire your staff, impress investors and earn even more customers. It’s all up to you.

“Your tongue is like a lion: if you keep it with you, it will protect you, but if you let it get away, it will end up devouring you.” Arab Proverb.

When you speak, how are you perceived? As a great salesman, or as a great leader? Or, as someone who’s wasting other’s precious time? Yago de Marta will advise you so that you may arrange those ideas that are longing to be spoken out, so that they might be more effective in the mind of your audience.

An understandable, credible and memorable presenter.

To overcome setbacks and take ownership of situations in the face of a nervous breakdown are some of the things you will practice with Yago de Marta.

The majority of people never present big, due to a lack of preparation with the best trainer. We train you to carry out presentations with convincing results.

Becoming a great spokes-person is also along the path to becoming a great salesman. This means that before sitting down to prepare a presentation on PowerPoint, or before going through all your smart apparel, the most important thing is to know how to address your ideas in public.

When training with the best, you will be acquainted with the most advanced and effective techniques. You will develop communication skills in order to speak with great self-assurance, and in this way, muster a perfect execution with authenticity and style. Techniques that have helped presidents of many nations, bankers, directors, politicians and businessmen.

With Yago de Marta you will have the most experienced trainer in a Latin American country. You will see improvements from the first work session. Our model aimed towards the client and his audience.

When you join our select group of customers, you will become a better Communicator and presenter, making use of the following tools:

  • Public Speech.
  • Discursive techniques.
  • Non-Verbal Language.
  • Presentation Strategies.
  • Narrative Structures.
  • Keynote Design/PowerPoint

Depending on the needs of your particular project, you are in power of hiring a a training program for personal improvement. Or, in the case of wanting to improve the teams performance, a clinic. Whether it be a group training or for the individual, the evaluation process will always be “one on one”.

It’s really beyond imagining the point to which you will improve with our trainings.

Our team will assist you in keeping up with the work through a consulting service, where our consulting team will get you to thinking and achieving things that you never imagined could be achieved with the power of speech.

We make use of the gained experience in America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, in the environment of personal projection before audiences, in order to help our customers to be more clear, credible and memorable.

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