Media / Debate

Media / Debate


Media / Debate

The Price in the stock market of your company in the morning depends on the interview you publish today. It depends on the headline. The last chance to raise your company to greater heights is to be well prepared for the debate so that no one will harbor any doubts about who the best candidate is.

In a 100% media-wise environment, your interventions on TV and radio define who you are to the audience. Communication takes center stage in your political and corporate reputation.

Whether you speak or not to the media, history will be written. Not to speak will let loose ideas or perceptions of the wrong kind about your company or about your government campaign. We know well you have nothing to hide. We prepare you so that every interview with the media turns out to be a pleasant experience, and a space where you reach your goals.

What’s the Price to pay for a bad headline? And for a bad interview?

Aimed towards leaders of high public exposure and argumentative needs.

The client gains access to the most advanced persuasion and argumentation techniques developed by our team. The face-off is conducted under pressure to speed up the time of improvement to the max. We prepare you to show your ideas in the most understandable and impactful way. Learn to reply with self-assurance to those tough and out of the blue questions. Find fault in the arguments of others. You are trained to refute and reply. You understand the matter at hand, in such a way that you foretell what an argument will actuate.

An understandable, credible and memorable leader.

We work so much with the external expression as we do with internal aspects of the interview, such as the management of the internal process. This allows us to warrant results minute by minute. Training with Yago de Marta is synonymous to an intense development experience that entails results of the highest order.

  • Skills acquired improve mass media relationships.
  • Identify the narrative opportunities in order to alternate our messages
  • Handle the response tools before complex situations and critical questions.
  • You showcase control and self-assurance during the interview.

With our consulting service, our team will provide you with the attention you and your team deserve. You will be evaluated in order to receive feedback on each intervention you perform.

.To prepare your team towards an approach with the media, you will need to hire a clinic. We will tackle that of utmost importance so that we may reach a participation at the level of your political and corporate goals.

If it so happens that you engage in debate or intervention with the media, or if you want to improve your spoken skills in public and thus persuade, we recommend our training programs. You will be evaluated and will receive precise feedback regarding your performance so that you may improve in the shortest time possible.