Today’s world is determined by sudden, radical and many times, disorienting changes. It imposes new demands on leadership. Never in history had it been so noisy with messengers speaking at the same time. You must conquer with mastery your space, and for that you need help.

You want to be enthralling? You want leave your mark…? If so, a follow up on your improvements is in order.

Where can you find the best trainer in the world? Where can you find the best spokesperson in the world?

The answer to this is important, but even more important is to rely on a team who points out your areas of opportunity and the means to improve in their betterment as a better leader week by week, month by month.

The architecture of the work model is innovative, but at the same time it holds on to a tradition that exponentially increases the performance of the people who hire us.

Our teams goes through each one of your interventions, we systematize it, and we turn it into a blueprint for betterment. Yago and his team work for diverse private and public organizations, and also of the social sector around the world.

Our consulting work harmonizes consulting with proximity and action. When our customers gain self-assurance over their speech and interventions, their reputation is strenghthened.

Each month you do dozens of interviews, presentations and speeches, wherever your business or campaign take you, the data of these interventions are sent to our team for analysis and systematization; a briefing with feedback is sent.

Our Six Improvement System model, is based on variables developed by Yago de Marta. These are contrasted in more than 22 countries of Europe, Africa, Middle East and America.

Our team effort is really all about you. The service is built around your campaign or corporate goals. As simple as that.

Yago de Marta, together with his team, will advise you and will help you so that you achieve the necessary self-assurance in your speech, in order to leave a positive and lasting print among those who hear you. We help you evolve and change your psyche.

Together with the training sessions, or separately, our consulting service will evaluate your performance week by week. This will include an active proposal that will make you improve, more and more, each time you face the media or an audience. This is a sophisticated process that allows the learning to settle as you approach each interview, debate or speech with calm determination.

Hay 3 niveles de consultoría según los servicios que usted requiera. There are 3 levels of consulting depending on the services you require.

The consulting services are thus: Processing of interventions and briefing delivery. Speech and writing correction Guidance and monitoring regarding the execution of the routines and recommended tasks.

Our team systematizes all the events. We are focused on the client’s nature and we value their context.

Yago de Marta builds a relationship of trust with each customer, a long term one to be sure.

  • Clients reputations will be cared for
  • Work performed with clients is strictly confidential

When you employ our consulting services, you are speeding up your transforming into a leader, wherever you set your will to compete. Get in touch with us and be part of our select group of customers.