The conferences given each year in a variety of countries to thousands of people are made for audiences. They surround the audience. The people partake from the first instant of what takes on stage. They start getting glimpses of how ideas and strategies can help at work. Amongst the most interesting, most fascinating and fun, you will find these teachings and practical tools that will surely improve your communication, your command and manner of understanding the relationships with others.

These conferences have a variable duration, depending on the event’s needs. Yago enjoys talking for hours with his audience. His reputation in Latin America and Spain in this field is considered “Top Class”.

Yago enraptures his audience at the moment he sets foot on the stage. There’s no space for boredom. Conferences given always impart knowledge and a concrete teaching to the auditorium.

The topics touched on are sorted according to the needs of the organization or of the company; but always related to the following themes:

  • Oratory
  • Presentations
  • Media Training
  • Debate
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Persuasion

Some of the titles of the given conferences:

  • A look at the brain of the Win-Orator
  • How to give a brilliant presentation
  • Body Language.
  • Interviews in a complex surrounding
  • Speech for winners.
  • Liderando con la palabra Leading with words
  • A space at the House of Representatives, The Speech
  • How to face difficult presentations
  • Communication breaking with the paradigm in communication
  • The mechanics of mass persuasion
  • Leader communication
  • How to win debates

If you wish to employ a conference with a specific title, please contact us.