The magic ingredient amongst great leaders is not to be found in their extensive resume, nor in the lasting time of the ovation. The only key is the ability to communicate and to evoke emotions in others. To captivate them.

Α clinic is an intensive group training session, 100% hands on. This is the case because Oratory, Presentations, Media Training, Non-Verbal Language, Debate and persuasion can only be grasped with action.

All these disciplines are built from the acquired routines through practice. It is an impossible dream to even think that a theoretical session about oratory will suffice and enable better speaking. For this reason clinics are focused so that beginners learn as of the first minute, getting into action from the first minute.

With a sophisticated and exclusive learning system and starting from continuous practice, our partakers improve their skills. Our work is based off a rigurous understanding of context and the personality of each participant.

At our clinics, learning engineering causes an immediate improvement. We know that each participant is different and is equally important. For this reason, Even though the training is in group, the particular traits of each participant are observed, and in this way each of them is influenced.

They gain winning routines that grant them benefits in the habitual work practice. Hence theoretical rundowns are integrated into real-life situations. In this way whatever is learned is directly transferred to the real world.

Each clinic is an approach to the functioning mechanism of the edification of leadership through communication.

Yago de Marta is one of the global leading figures of Public Speaking, with experience in America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He offers specialized programs, entirely tailored made to meet with the needs and traits of companies and campaing staff.

: The programs adapt to the particular needs of the organization, and they are always reltaed to:

  • Oratory
  • Presentations
  • Media Training
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Debate
  • Persuasion

The arranging of these groups must not surpass 15 people, with the exception of long training groups. Our obsession is to guarantee the highest standards of effectiveness in all our clinics.

Your greatest motivation must always be that of overcoming the “I” I was yesterday. Let us see to your teams in their process of becoming the best speakers they can be by contacting us.